How can you avoid transport policy mistakes?


Solving complex policy issues, such as improving travel time reliability, are challenges facing transport professionals. Policy analysis, however is not a common skill among transport professionals.

Transport problems are increasingly complex and dynamic, making them difficult to fully comprehend. These complex multi-actor problems usually don’t have a simple solution and dealing with them may require new policy to be developed.

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Next Generation Traffic Management


What are potential next generation road system management innovations to address ever increasing demands on major urban road networks with more and more data becoming available?

Australian road owners and operators in major urban areas, both public and private, are facing ever increasing traffic volumes and more pervasive traffic congestion, constrained funding for new infrastructure, and political hesitancy in moving towards comprehensive road user charging. [Read more…]

Dealing with Unexpectedness


How should we deal with traffic incidents at critical times and locations, which cause major, unexpected problems for users?

Operators of road traffic networks are under increasing pressure to maintain acceptable levels of service, with declining resources and competing priorities. Urban traffic networks are not able to keep pace with the growth in travel, as a result major roads operate at maximum capacity for extended periods. [Read more…]

How better transport results from land use planning

Why is understanding the linkages between land use and transport so important for transport and planning professionals?

Transport is a primarily a derived demand, we travel in order to get to a destination, to undertake an activity and to carry goods. Land use is a key determinant of the need, when, how, and where to travel.

So learning how to influence land use and develop integrated transport plans means you will become one of the critical few transport and planning professionals who have this knowledge and know what an be done. [Read more…]